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Lost Dog Hey hey, ***Update: Ruby was found on Feb 27, she’d travelled from Frenchmans Bay all the way to Toronto.  Read below the lost dog section for some links to what to do if you lose your dog, or find a lost dog.  *** for those of you in the Pickering, ON area… please keep your eyes peeled for this pooch.  She only just joined her … Read More

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What I Learned from Other Peoples’ Dogs

What I Learned from Other Peoples' Dogs I had a fair bit of experience with dogs prior to getting my own – I did (and still do, though with reduced frequency) dog-sitting and dog walking for people in my area.  This gave me a somewhat good idea of what owning a dog is all about, but it also taught me some things that were obvious at the time, and things that I only realised I learned, looking back on it.  The Beagle This is my neighbour’s dog, and I’ve been taking care of this guy whil … Read More

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“I’m Too Sexy”

“I’m Too Sexy” #27 You wouldn’t think that being 40, unemployed, and forced to live with your nut-job parents would provide any opportunity to feel your innate sexiness… But let me tell you, I am learning a thing or two about how life works and the miraculous surprises around every corner if you are just willing to put down your negativity and doubt for one second. Maybe you already know that your experience of life is almost wholly determined by your attitude and … Read More

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A Girl, A Boy, and A Dog

A Girl, A Boy, and A Dog Forewarning: I typically post short, humorous, light posts. This one is a little different. You all remember Captain, right? Captain was my dog before Zack and I started dating. (I mean, he still is my dog… I’ve just had him since before I met Zack.) I was engaged and living with The Ex when I saw Captain’s picture on a pet adoption website. The puppy was adorable, and yet, something was a little off. One eye was larger than the other giving hi … Read More

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Wordless Wednesday – Take Your Pick

Wordless on WordPress by “I’ll doforyou”

wordless wednesday - take your pick minutes 1-15 the rest … Read More

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Pet of the Day

You can visit this Pet-Friendly blog by using the following link … “agatharuncibleforever”

Pet of the Day This ENORMOUS doggie has been named Zeus. He’s a stray, abandoned in Ireland and at some point tethered up all day. Isn’t he beautiful? He’s available for adoption from the Black Retriever X website. They think he’s a Newfoundland/Landseer cross. He’s so huge. Here’s Zeus with another doggie for comparison: Zeus needs a big home and garden – I hope someone gives him a nice life. … Read More

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