What I Learned from Other Peoples’ Dogs

What I Learned from Other Peoples' Dogs I had a fair bit of experience with dogs prior to getting my own – I did (and still do, though with reduced frequency) dog-sitting and dog walking for people in my area.  This gave me a somewhat good idea of what owning a dog is all about, but it also taught me some things that were obvious at the time, and things that I only realised I learned, looking back on it.  The Beagle This is my neighbour’s dog, and I’ve been taking care of this guy whil … Read More

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2 responses to “What I Learned from Other Peoples’ Dogs

  • lexy3587

    I’m a bit confused about what you’re doing here. I appreciate that you like my posts, and that you’re giving me full credit for these re-postings, but it seems a bit odd that your entire blog consists of copied pieces of other peoples’ blog posts. The only english bulldogs in your site are your gravatar images. I’m wondering if you’re doing this post quoting by accident?
    Gone for a Walk (the author of the post above)

    • English Bulldogzz ...

      I’m just started with this blog. I’m still learning how to do it. While I was installing my template, I’ve learned that it is important to reblog some stuff from other WordPress users. That’s why. But, if you prefer me to delete your stuff, it’s okay for me. Let me know.

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