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English Bulldogs 101

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What I Learned from Other Peoples’ Dogs

What I Learned from Other Peoples' Dogs I had a fair bit of experience with dogs prior to getting my own – I did (and still do, though with reduced frequency) dog-sitting and dog walking for people in my area.  This gave me a somewhat good idea of what owning a dog is all about, but it also taught me some things that were obvious at the time, and things that I only realised I learned, looking back on it.  The Beagle This is my neighbour’s dog, and I’ve been taking care of this guy whil … Read More

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A Girl, A Boy, and A Dog

A Girl, A Boy, and A Dog Forewarning: I typically post short, humorous, light posts. This one is a little different. You all remember Captain, right? Captain was my dog before Zack and I started dating. (I mean, he still is my dog… I’ve just had him since before I met Zack.) I was engaged and living with The Ex when I saw Captain’s picture on a pet adoption website. The puppy was adorable, and yet, something was a little off. One eye was larger than the other giving hi … Read More

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Pet of the Day

You can visit this Pet-Friendly blog by using the following link … “agatharuncibleforever”

Pet of the Day This ENORMOUS doggie has been named Zeus. He’s a stray, abandoned in Ireland and at some point tethered up all day. Isn’t he beautiful? He’s available for adoption from the Black Retriever X website. They think he’s a Newfoundland/Landseer cross. He’s so huge. Here’s Zeus with another doggie for comparison: Zeus needs a big home and garden – I hope someone gives him a nice life. … Read More

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